I ordered the AncestryDNA kit to see if I could expand my family tree and see what the ethnicity estimate would reveal.  My prediction was Scandinavian, English, Western European, and some Eastern European.

So I activated and shipped my kit in early February 2016. My timing results mirrored other people: 5 business days to receive the kit after I mailed it, 20 business days before the lab received the sample, about 20 business days for the lab to start processing it, and about 10 business days to receive results. For me the process took about 2 months.

So now the results. The first thing Ancestry does is reminds you that this information is an estimate and that it is not necessarily 100% correct representation of all of your family. Remember that DNA comes your parents, from their parents, from their parents, and so on. DNA mixtures vary based on the genes your parents actually pass on to you. With that being said, here is my estimated ethnicity.

Ethnicity Details

I was surprised that had such a large percentage of Great Britain. The other things I did not expect was Asia South (India), Irish, and European Jewish. Irish, really.  I always insisted that I was 0% Irish (as a bad joke) on St. Patrick’s Day.

I am now off to digest what this information actually means and what connections I can make.  I already noticed a few names in tree matches that I recognize.

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