Veterans Day

While researching the family history, so many people focus on the basics (birth, death, marriage, and children). You also need to pay attention to what jobs are listed in census records, public directories, draft cards, and in obituaries. Sometimes you stumble military records, military headstones, or obituaries that talk about their military service.

This year to commemorate Veterans Day, I have compiled a list (which I am sure is incomplete) of the descendants of Tollef Lyndom Tollefson [Generation 1] that fought for the USA. I did not include spouses of Tollefson descendants, since they are not Tollefson’s themselves. Most of this information is from military records (headstone applications, burial records, pension records), while more recent records could be elaborated with information contained in obituaries.

Tolof Lyndom Tollefson (1900-1954) [Generation 3]
Tolof, the grandson of the above mentioned Tollef, served in Navy as a Seaman from 8 Mar 1918 until 7 Apr 1919 in World War I.

Lyle J Tollefson (1892-1941) [Generation 3] – my great-great uncle
Lyle served in World War I from 24 June 1918 until 11 June 1919. He was a Private in  Company H – 349th Infantry of 88th Division.

Howard W. Tollefson (1922-1972) [Generation 4]
Howard served in World War II from 28 Jan 1943 until 8 Dec 1945. He was a technical sergeant in the 106th infantry. Howard was most likely involved in the Battle of the Bulge.

Carl Lyndom Tollefson (1924-1982) [Generation 4]
Carl served in World War II from 17 Jun 1943 until 17 Mar 1946. He was a Signalman, Second Class in the US Naval Reserve, Selective Volunteer (US Navy). He was stationed on the USS Otus (AS 20) on V-J day.

Paul Victor Tollefson (1913-2002) [Generation 4]
Paul served in World War II from 13 Mar 1942 until 16 Aug 1945. He was a Chief Radio Technician in the Navy. He was stationed on the USS Bond (AM 152).

Herbert Scott Siggelkow (1914-2007) [Generation 4] – Caroline Tollefson’s [Perkins] grandchild
Herbert served in the Army during World War II from 17 Apr 1943 until 2 Mar 1946.

Dr. Richard A Siggelkow, PhD (1918-2014) [Generation 4] – Caroline Tollefson’s [Perkins] grandchild
On 5 Aug 1941, Dr. Siggelkow served a 3 year enlistment in the Army as captain in the European Theater of World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star. He later graduated Fort Leavenworth Command and General Staff school.  He then joined the Army Reserve and retired as a colonel.

Herbert Rufus Tollefson (1919-2015) [Generation 4] – my great uncle
Herb was drafted into World War II. He was trained to be a Demolitions Engineer and earned four major battle stars in Africa, Italy and Germany with the 5th Army.

LaVerne George Tollefson (1921-2015) [Generation 4] – my great uncle
LaVerne served in World War II. He was assigned to the US Army 84th Infantry 309 Combat Engineers. His combat duty put him in three major battles in Northern France, Germany-Rhineland plus the Battle of the Bulge. He was a black-out driver and rifleman for the many assigned missions and combat duty. He was seriously wounded March 4, 1945, and was honorably medically discharged in 1946 after four and a half years of military service. He was awarded the following medals: the Purple Heart, the European and Middle Eastern Campaign Medals, three bronze battle stars, the American Campaign medal, the World War II Victory medal and the honorable service medal.

Generation 5 – mentions. Not a complete list, as their is no historical reference to pull the data from.
Garry Richard Tollefson – South Dakota National Guardsman serving in the 153rd Engineering Battalion.


Know of a missing military service of a Tollefson descendant? Post below with the info. I did not post military service for the living, but feel free to share your service below. Please list branch, years of service (total or timeframe), and optionally major conflict and regiment/ship. If your post doesn’t show, it may just need my approval for spam reasons.


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Originally from South Dakota, but no longer living there. I enjoy family genealogy and researching.

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  1. Chris, my name is joyce (lee) murphy. I am the daugther of Pauline Tollefson,Lee Miiller. My father was John Lee. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit with you at your Dad’s memorial. Your Dad and I were close and he talked of you and Steve and Marlin with great love. While I have only been able to access a small amount of your genealogy work I am very impressed with what you have done.

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